30 mai 2007

Au Secours

My darling daughter, and some other people are complaining they can't reach the comments on my blog!!!!
What happen to me?
Where is the problem?
I'm lost, over lost...
See, what is that, desperate about blogging?
It wouldn't happen to me let say... 2 months ago.
I'm hooked!
I'm addict!
Where can I buy the patch anti-blogging I want to stick on my elbow? or right buttock better?
And HOW HOW I can repair the comments link?

4 commentaires:

caroline a dit…


Jeannie a dit…

Hey! today it worked! And you put 2 flickrs up! Very nice. The garden pictures look lovely. Makes me think I should get myself a better camera instead of just the free one I have...it's too pixelated when I try to get nice shots.

tweetey29 a dit…

I havent had problems with comments but oh well. I just think its blogger sometimes. Well I have to go get Brianna some lunch. We ahve to leave to see Kora here in a bit. Kora has a concert at school at 1:45 my time. I am going to try and video tape it. My camera has video also. I am going to attempt it. Well catch you later.

Kitem a dit…

Must be Blogger, of course, not me!
Tweetey, record Kora's concert please, it's going to be nice, i'm sure.
Jeannie, I'am good, hey? thanks to you, all by myself I am hopeless.
Caroline thank you very for the testing, you're as good as your lovely drawings.