30 mai 2007

Old Lavender, Les lavandes de l'année dernière

L'an dernier j'ai coupé mes lavandes beaucoup trop tard, elles étaient déjà séchées et un peu passées, mais je l'ai ai quand même utilisées dans des petits bacs achetés chez Casa, dans le bac a parapluie du couloir, il me vient de ma grand mère, et je l'aime beaucoup.
A chaque passage, on fait tomber des petites fleurs séchées et ça sent bon. (Tant pis pour le ménage, j'aspire ou alors je les pousse sous le meuble!)
Ces photos sont ici pour montrer à Lidy ce que j'ai fait de mes vieilles lavandes.

Just to show off my old lavenders from last year to Lidy , in response to her beautiful post on Lavender and her little bags she has had made with lavender, these little pouches are very pretty.

Each time we walk by, some dried flowers fell on the floor and give off a litttle smell. (For the cleaning I sometimes vacum, I sometimes push the dried flowers under the furniture!)

4 commentaires:

FrenchGardenHouse a dit…

Oh, those are wonderful! I love the basket on your door. And, I'm really loving the idea of "pushing the flowers under the furniture"!!

That way they keep smelling and make the whole house yummy. I have a few bunches of dried lavande in my office, and even after a few years, they smell heavenly.
Thanks for the lavender post...what a gorgeous view you have outside through the window!

Jenny! a dit…

Thats very pretty! I have the same Buddha statue as is in the background. I tried to read your post in French 1st, but with no luck, I took 3 years in High School but the only thing I took away was mon petit chue (cabbage) don't remember how ot spell that.

tweetey29 a dit…

That sounds like and excellent idea. I have a post about our weekend but I will wait till tomorrow to post it. I have been busy catching up on house chores today. J was home yesterday so I didnt get much done. I like spending as much time with him as I can when hes home. We dont get much time together during the week usually. Well thanks for sharing.

francoise oleron a dit…

Moi aussi je les jette, car les nouvelles sont en fleurs