19 décembre 2008

La route des huîtres dans l'île d'Oléron

Following the oyster road , Oleron Island
on the Atantic coast.

The oysters of this part of the world are famous, I am not afraid to say that they are the best inbthe world, please check on internet, and you will see I am not exagerating, it is true, our oyster are very good, they have a delicious nut taste, they are naturally salty from the sea.

The oyster farmers are working hard at this season, they
sell their oysters at famous restaurants, everyone want to have oysters for Christmas.

They work in these small cabins by the sea, they are rustics, and very colorful.

On front rank you can see the oyster bags were they spend quite sometimes into clear water in basin to

refine them so they become a bit less salty, and even better.

The road is by the sea side, facing the continent, where it is warmer than the Ocean facing side, in this large area between continent and isle i is were the oysters are grown, it is typical of Ile d'Oleron, and Marennes the town oposite on the mainland, they are called Marennes-Oleron Oysters.

5 commentaires:

Jeannie a dit…

We rarely get oysters - fresh ones - here because we are far inland. I'm thinking they wouldn't be very good anyway. I've had them fresh on the beach in the tropics and enjoyed them very much sprinkled with lime and hot sauce. Many people here are too grossed out to even try them. I can't think of any local delicacies we would have here esp at Christmas.

alicesg a dit…

Oysters farming are big business. There are many ways to eat oysters right here in Singapore..hehehe. Fresh oysters and oysters omelette are the best. I am in the mood of christmas at Orchard Road now. This year christmas theme is "Sweet Christmas in the Tropics". I had the best time walking along Orchard Road yesterday, so ain't going to Orchard Road on Christmas Eve this year, dont wanna be squeezed like sardine...lol.

Touring in Brittany a dit…

We do have also a nice place to eat oysters ... Cancale in Brittany

M.Kate a dit…

Hello Kitem, Love oyster too but as you know we wont get them as fresh as in France. I really like how you put all your photos on one side and the wordings on the other. When I have mine on top or bottom, or see others the same, I often get confused which picture I am reading :)
I think I can eat oyster the whole day there,yummmmmmmmmmy :)

Jules~ a dit…

I have actually never even tried oysters. People who love oysters tell me that I should at least try. But I keep imagining the texture and get goosebumps on my skin.
I bet those fishermen do work hard though.