21 décembre 2008

My garden Christmas gift

Weather is not cold in the town where I live, it has been cold one morning, and warm since then.
Il fait douze degrés dans le jardin en ce moment, le soleil brille, et les gens font leurs derniers achats de Noël vétus légérement, et le jardin continue de fleurir.

I took these photos this morning, in my garden in France.
Soon, I am going to leave it for a long time, still the garden offers its last roses.

The rose bush grows up through the huge boxwood, the perfect Christmas colors of green and red, a nice gift from my garden.
Voilà une jolie rose rouge qui a grimpé dans le buis, rouge et vert, les couleurs de Noël.

In May, the pink rose bush wasn't so flowery, but then, it never stopped giving us his tiny flowers.

The blackbird nest, nesting in one of the many laurel trees of the garden.
En taillant le laurier en boule, Monsieur Garden a mis à decouvert un ancien nid de merle.

A last rosebud.
Voici le cadeau de Noël de mon jardin, moi qui vais l'abandonner jusqu'au printemps, un joli bouton de rose..............
à très bientôt, chers visiteurs, visiteuses, je pars pour Londres.

9 commentaires:

M.Kate a dit…

Bonjour Kitem, beautiful roses but I can never grow them here...must be the weather. Just came back from Cameron Highlands..so many people there for the school holidays. I was really happy to see those beautiful orchids. I guess you'll be going to UK soon. I would like to wish you a Merry and Blessed Christmas, may you have good health and happiness for the coming year. I look forward to seeing you in the coming year. Much love and kisses, M.

Jeannie a dit…

How sweet to have roses in December. Have a safe trip and wonderful holidays with your family.

tweetey30 a dit…

Beautiful. I have snow here. Want some??? LOL... Its cold today. Its -27 here... That is the windchill. The temp is only -2..

Tifenn a dit…

Rose layette, ah ah ah, on est à fond dans le thème!

alicesg a dit…

Lucky you, you have roses in your backyard, i need to pay for it at the florist...lol. They looked so beautiful. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Kitem.

Barbara a dit…

Lucky you, you've been blessed with a last rose for Christmas :-) !! Bon voyage et en plus joyeux Noel et tous mes meilleurs voeux pour 2009. Take care of you!

ocean a dit…

merry christmas buddy

Lily a dit…

Bonjour Kitem
Je te souhaite un bon séjour à Londres, tu es partie avec des images de fleurs dans les yeux, malheureusement maintenant il fait un peu froid mais c'est dans l'ordre des ...saisons !

Bon voyage, à très bientôt, tu pourras peut être quand même venir nous faire des petits coucous
Joyeuse Fêtes
bises charentaises maritimes

Jules~ a dit…

Beautiful roses. You seem to aways be surrounded by such beauty. Is it really almost that time for you to leave again? Wow time goes by so fast.
I know it will be so good to see your family.