26 août 2007

Meme from Tweetey: Ten things about me

-I love reading under the shade of a tree, if there is water nearby it's even better, to me it's Paradise.
-I like salmon, raw, cooked, smoked.
-But I don't like cooking fish.
-I'm sad that my children and grand children are far away.
-But I am happy to have a close and loving relationship with them even though they are living so far from me.
-I am scared of getting old.
-I am proud to have reached 35 years wedding anniversary with Monsieur Garden whom I love very much.
-I am happy to have so many beautiful friends around the world.
-I love walking, swimming, yoga.
-I am lost with Religion.

5 commentaires:

Hammer a dit…

Sounds like a nice way to live.

Getting old and infirm is a fear of mine too. Just not being able to care for myself is the scary part.

The walking swimming and Yoga will keep you going long into old age.

I agree with the religion comment. It's easy to get lost when personalities, money and ego get mixed up with spirituality.

Kitem a dit…

Oh Hammer t'es vachement sympa!Cool, Hammer, thanks for the comments.

Josh Lane a dit…


I share your love of salmon. I'll take it any way I can get it!

Not as a afraid of getting old... my fear is that once I get old, I'll wish I had made more of the time I've lived.

Happy Anniversary. That is wonderful news!

tweetey30 a dit…

Yes Happy Anniversary. I am only 30 years old Kitem and I wonder where I will be when I get old. I just dont want to end up in a nursing home like my great grandmother that never looked after her and she ended up dying from a head trauma because of it.

francoise oleron a dit…

je peux te laisser un com, ce matin

bisous tu as peut être réparé, si oui tant mieux