22 août 2007

Toujours cassé, still broken down

Merci merci thank you for your nice comments, i don't answer back because i don't have your address anymore as I can't click on your links.
Merci a vous toutes pour vos messages, comme je ne peux pas cliquer sur vos liens j'ai aussi perdu mes adresses.
Ma fille me dit d'ouvrir un autre blog en déplaçant celui ci si possible, je ne m'en crois pas capable.
Thanks Yoga Gal, I don't think we have a Geek Quad in France, we are all of us too geek to only think about having a Geek Quad! I am going to look for one anyway, do you have any address of a Geek Quad in America or elsewhere?

2 commentaires:

Hammer a dit…

I found if I reload the page and click the comments link really quickly I can get it to work.

You may want to sent an email to support@blogger.com

They fixed a similar problem for me many months ago. They should be able to visit your blog and remedy the problem.

Good luck!

Papilles et Pupilles a dit…

Moi ça marche. J'arrive à te laisser des commentaires.