09 septembre 2008

Le meme de Hammer

Désolée pour mes lecteurs en français, trop long et compliqué à traduire, je laisse ce jeu en anglais.
From my blogfriends Hammer and Jeannie I copied this meme:
You finish the first part of the sentence in red with your own unique response.

1. My uncle once caught me, making fun of him, he didn't have any sense of humor.
2. Never in my life, I'll be able to do "the peacock" posture in yoga.
3. When I was five, I was a very happy little girl.
4. High school was, too short.
5. I will never forget, to get out without my rings on.
6. Once I met, a python and wasn't afraid.
7. There’s this boy, who believes he is always right and despises the rest of the world.
8. Once, at a bar, I met someone still very dear to me.
9. By noon, I won't have done anything interesting enough, life starts after noon.
10. Last night, I finished reading a good book written by Anna Gavalda, if this French author is ever translated in your language, I recommend the reading;
11. If only I had a hammer, ah ah I would like very much to destroy something, I don't know what.
12. Next time I go to church, it will probably be for a celebration, let's hope it is a wedding, or a baptism (most probably), not funeral.
13. What worries me most, is something private I don't share. (blogging to me is about life's pleasure only)
14. When I turn my head left, I see a beautiful window open to the street, lot of college boys and girls are passing by, going to the stadium.
15. When I turn my head right I see shelves full of books.
16. You know I’m lying when I say it's ok if I don't see much my grand-children.
17. What I miss most about the Eighties is my children being in their teens.
18. If I were a character in Shakespeare, I would be one of The Merry Wives of Windsor.
19. By this time next year I will have a beautiful new grand daughter
20. A better name for me would be, this one easy: Kitem, acronym for qui t'aime, who loves you
(actually it is not an acronym, it is the phonetic spelling of "qui t'aime", but I like the word acronym.)
21. I have a hard time, with politics.
22. If I ever go back to school, I will listen carefully my philosophy teacher.
23. You know I like you if ...I don't know how to answer this one. First I like people then I may change my mind, I try not judging.
24. If I ever won an award, I'll be happy.
25. Take my advice never say never.

9 commentaires:

Ortho a dit…

Hi, Kitem! Thanks for sharing. This post taught me alot about you. I like what I read!

tweetey30 a dit…

Very interesting..

Hammer a dit…

Excellent answers! I can tell you are excited about your grandaughters arrival :D

Webradio a dit…

Hey !

Il est bizarre votre jeu !

Trop compliqué pour moi...

Jeannie a dit…

I wondered where Kitem came from - thanks for filling me in.

Vodka Mom a dit…

That was fun! I'm too damn tired to do one myself. :-)

M.Kate a dit…

Hello D
Now I know the meaning of Kitem!! Beautiful one too :D

I cant wait to see your grand daughters! Your answers are almost perfect, tells me more about the beautiful friend I know.

..and tks for not tagging me hahaha..I am grateful (wink*wink*)

have a great week Kitem!!

clara a dit…

I like your answers; short, sweet and serious and that they tell us more about you. Thanks for
sharing. :-)

Jules~ a dit…

How fun to learn new things about you. Now I know where your name comes from.
If I were a Shakespeare character...the first one that comes to my mind is Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing.