13 octobre 2008

L'accident, a Thames adventure

We were on the barge path when the guy on the boat cried for help.
We saw the smoke, as soon he asked for help there were five or six strong guys who rushed to the place. The guy on the boat send ropes so that the guys on the bank could secure the boat, he was not alone as I could here another guy inside trying to put off the fire with an extinguisher.

It wasn't working fine, Helene wanted to get away of the place because she couldn't stand the smoke, but we were just walking away when we heard the fire engine horning on the other bank.

In less than five minutes the firemen were there, not one engine, but two, three, six alltogether, plus a police car and an ambulance.
It was amazing how fast they arrived. I walked back and saw that the fire had been growing strong.
They well needed two lorries to put the fire off, then I left and join Helene back, she was playing with goose and swanns by the river a bit further up.
I guess the two guys on the boat were shocked and most probably sick with the smoke, hence the ambulance.

2 commentaires:

Webradio a dit…

Un accident en direct, nom d'une pipe...
Les photos parlent d'elles-mêmes...

alicesg a dit…

Wow full of action. It is wise not to stand too close to a burning boat or car, they might explode. You did well in walking away and take the photos from a distance. Hope the guys are not seriously hurt.