26 octobre 2008

Un tag en anglais, from Jeannie

Where did you meet?
In a café in town, he was coming from one bank of the river, I was from the other bank, the café is at the foot of the bridge.
tag from Jeannie

How long did you date before you were married?
Four years, that was very long.

How long have you been married?
A long time.
Do you have any kids?
Two wonderful gorgeous persons.
What does he do that surprises you?
He is very good at do it yourself when he has decided to potter around.
When we have guests, he is very good with ice cream desserts, he makes fabulous Peach Melba.
When he waits for me while we're hiking, he usually walks in front.

What is your favorite feature about him?
Something a bit surprising: I like his baldness, most of the men don't like being bald, but I must say I like his bare skull very much. He never goes to the hairdresser, I cut his hair myself.

Who said, "I love you" first?
I don't remember, him, most probably, I was surprised that such a great soul would love me.

What is your favourite thing to do as a couple?
Go for a walk,
a long walk,
a short one
go for a trip,
with the car, a boat, a plane.

What is his favorite color?
I don't know, most probably he likes green, the color of his eyes.

What is his favorite sport?
He likes watching football on TV, then he becomes crazy with the players, the referee, and all football in general.

What's a hidden talent that he has?
He knows how to play all sorts of card games.

How old is he?
not that old;
In some years time, we are planning a big joint birthday party.
His age and mine will reach hundred and twenty years old.
Better to enjoy this old age while still young, when we can still blow the birthday candles.

What's his favorite type of music?
Opera, Verdi, Puccini,
Classical, mostly Beethoven and Brahms.

What do you most admire about him?
His great and profound intelligence.

What is his favorite pastime?
play his golf,
PSP, computer game, and sudoku.

What is his favorite food?
Potatoes, and potatoes, with some eggs, and nooddles for a change.

Does he have a nickname for you?
He was the first one to call me Dany, then everyone followed. He calls me "ma puce", but also his daughter and some other friends, our daughter doesn't want to share "ma puce", she says she's the only one. He has lately called me "ma grande" a few times, but then I overheard him called his sister "ma grande" too, I don't want to share with my sister in law.
What is your favorite quality about him?
His great culture and his cleverness.
But because of this, he thinks he is always right and will never admit he could be wrong.

Is he going to read this?
I would prefer not,
but, he enjoys reading my blog and he is my faithfull supporter.

16 commentaires:

Jeannie a dit…

I wish Gary would enjoy walking - it is one of my favourite activities which I sadly rarely do.

Ma puce? Is it really my flea?
(I shouldn't say a thing - my father used to call me Termite - and I loved it)

M.Kate a dit…

Dearest Dany, an absolute insightful and wonderful information on Mr Garden. Tell him we have a date together of course haha..not me and him..us together..when you come back here..the Thai restaurant remember? What is ma puce..is it my love? Big hugs to you :D

Kitem a dit…

Yes "ma puce" translation is "my flea", which doesn't mean anything in english ha ha ha.
It's more or less the equivalent of "honey".

Anonyme a dit…

Quel portrait !

"puce", "petite puce" est à rapprocher du mot plus ancien "pucelle" (= aux 17e et 18e siècles, c'était celle qui avait encore son pucelage et qui donc était désirée par son prétendant pour la dépuceler)
La "puce" est donc celle qu'on désire.

c|ara a dit…

You guys are such a loving couple! And the name calling is but so sweet but hopefully he'll call you in another way which he wouldn't use it on another person.

alicesg a dit…

So sweet. A loving husband, father and grandfather. It is nice to grow old together. I have been married for 24 years. :)

Helene a dit…

what a great post maman! But it's not 'ma puce' that I don't like to share it's 'mon bichon' that I must be the only one!!! lol. Enfin, c'est super comme post.

tweetey30 a dit…

Wow. You two are great.. Jeff and I love hiking.. Its a great excercise and just love being out in the wilderness seeing different this and that's....

Jules~ a dit…

Just like Jeannie I looked up ma puce and wondered if it is true that hubby calls you his flea. That is so sweet and endearing.

Our french teacher jumped up and down with glee when I told her that daughter and I say "mon petite chou".

Pat a dit…

Hi Dany

Very nice facts about your husband -- he reminds me of mine! I've alays cut my husband's hair since the day we were married, 34 years ago.

Thank you for sending the link to see Helene's video! What an active baby-to-be and what a wonderful experience to record!

Joshua P.G. Lane a dit…

This is a wonderful post! Beautiful sentiments.

Josh Lane a dit…

This is wonderful. Beautiful sentiments.

Webradio a dit…

Très sympa tout cela...

Tifenn a dit…

Je n'ai pas tout bien traduit, mais je crois néanmoins sentir un peu de l'amour/admiration que tu lui portes...quelle chance il a!

Anonyme a dit…

Hello pupuce(it's also my daughter's nickname!)

How nice are you both!
You seem happy together...

Well Dany you are a "cream". it's probably why everybody could call you "Danette, Danette", and everybody could stand up saying "bravo" for this long life together...
My husband also loves music especially Bach Beethoven and Brahms. He plays piano and guitar!

Touring in Brittany a dit…

That's a nice way to feel love...I like it and will do the same with mine...