09 avril 2009

Lankayan Island, Sulu sea, South China Sea

Il y a tres peu de temps, je ne connaissais pas l'existence de la mer de Sulu.

The sea is rough, the trip last almost three hours instead in the one and a half expected, the boat has to slow down, children are sick, the little one give back to the sea his chocolate ice cream he had while waiting to leave Sandakan jetty, we all just don't want to get there anymore, Rosa a fellow diver is persuaded the boat is going to capsize.

At last, a tiny round island appears in the deep blue sea, on the jetty the staff is greeting us with cherry welcoming wishes.
As soon as he sets foot on the jetty Nicolas feels better, hand in hand, we walk joyfully along the wooden jetty when

the first shark come along to see who are the new guests on his island.
Nicolas is not sick anymore and we are all very exited.
Exited indeed and all for the good.
This is Paradise here, even the waitress name is Angel and we get miracles all the time.
A turtle lay her eggs, early in the morning while we were all sleeping, under our chalet,

104 heavy tennistable eggs.

Blak tip fin sharks are playing around us when we walk along the beach.

It is also called the reef shark, It lives around coral reefs. It is fairly harmless, but has been known to bite people wading in shallow water.
Good we weren't aware of that at hat moment, because we were always wading in shallow water.
I am not showing off my new fins too long, I am in a hurry to swimm with the green turtle.
Two clown fishes are hiding and playing in the anemones, a lonely lionfish hides behind a pier at the jetty.

The sting ray shows herself to Anna and Jacques, I didn't get to admire it.
Look at the corral white color of the sand.

Monsieur Garden couldn't get out of the water, he is usually not very kean at swimming.

It is like swimmming in a giant aquarium, thousands of small and big fishes are looking for food, bright greens, shiny blues, striped, alone or in big groups, they are a marvellous views to remember forever.

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Jeannie a dit…

I would have been very sick along with the little one and likely not recovered as quick. :(

But your little island was very beautiful - peaceful - lucky you!

none a dit…

Looks gorgeous!

I've been on a boat ride like you describe. I hear eating pickles helps with the sea sickness.

Frankie Perussault a dit…

Vos photos me rappellent mes années de vadrouille dans le Pacifique... snif! J'ai copié votre idée des horloges sur mon blog. Merci pour l'idée et le link. f r a n k i e

Vodka Mom a dit…

I adore the water!!

For me, that would be HEAVEN........

Unknown a dit…

GORGEOUS pictures Kitem...and cant wait for our meet up. Happy weekend and p.s. Lankayan is definitely on my wish list!!

alicesg a dit…

Wow the island is so beautiful and the water so clear and clean. I guess the trip is worthwhile but I can tell you I will be seasick too...lol. I too will be excited to see the babyshark swimming so close. Have a nice weekend and happy easter, Kitem.

Alexander a dit…

Wow! That looks like fun. Very beautiful place.

Alex's World! - http://www.kakinan.com/alex

Anonyme a dit…

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Mélanie a dit…

Coucou ,moi aussi cela faisait longtemps que je n'étais pas passée par là. Mais je vois que les belles photos et les beaux endroits ne s'arrêtent jamais.
Cette ile est paradisiaque

LisennBreizh a dit…

Des plages qui font rêver !!!!

Unknown a dit…

You have such a beautiful blog.. ;)
I love your traveling journey..I am from Indonesia, have you been there? We have such a beautiful beach in Lombok and Bali.. ;)

Anonyme a dit…


c|ara a dit…

Oh wow this is so relaxing! Must be a thrill to swim next to a turtle and hold those turtle eggs!

Anonyme a dit…

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