28 novembre 2007

Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

Je le lis en français,
Peut plus bloguer, peut plus peindre ma cuisine, peut plus manger, peut plus rien faire, peut plus m'arrêter de lire.
La Jane Austen, elle est spéciale par moment, au début du bouquin je l'ai trouvée vraiment lourde, avec un style tarabiscoté, je me doutais bien qu'elle le faisait esseprès, ben oui, elle m'a bien eu et maintenant, elle m'a accroché, je reviendrai quand j'aurai fini le livre.
Merci à BrittArnhild de m'avoir fait rencontrer la Jane, et grace à elle de passer un si bon moment.
I read Jane Austen in French, I know that for the "purist", and I am one of them it is crazy to read a translation when you're able to read it in the language it has been written. It is what I do usually, but I found it in a little bookstore on Oleron Island, in a French version and as I am lazy I am devouring it in my everyday language.
The problem is:
I can't stop reading, I love it, I can't do anything else, I don't go to blogland, I've stopped painting the kitchen cabinets, I'll see you when I am finished with Jane.
Thanks to BrittArnhild for introducing me to Jane Austen.

7 commentaires:

Britt-Arnhild a dit…

Happy reading :-)

Jane Austen is the best!

Jeannie a dit…

Happy reading! I'm pretty much like that with any book.

tweetey30 a dit…

Yes Happy Reading. I am into my crocheting for Zombie Slayer so not to much reading here right now. This is the time of year I prefer my crocheting because its colder out and I can snuggle up under my work as I work. I get that way during the summer where I dont have to have a blanket on. LOL..

Hammer a dit…

Austen is one of my wife's favorites. Sometimes I sit and watch the TV adaptations with her.

benoit a dit…


Grrrr I'm so angry, I was writing you a message (and I finished) while my internet have been disconect...(it happened two times.. so I'm twice more angry!! :D)

anyway I was just telling you something like that I'm really glad to read your comment on my blog!! and really glad as well about what you say about my english! but you know I use only basic words and basic sentences! so that's why it looks so good! ;D
I didn't expect that you all had such nice blogs! I let a message on the helene blog as well;

by the way, I will probably come back for about one month during the cristmas hollidays, and I would be really glad to see you all at this moment, especially if it is for the traditional launch at the "mamie terrèse" home ! ;D

so maybe see you there!

kisses from your old romania!

Jules~ a dit…

I came across your site while looking around on "Oswegan". I just want to thank you for your writings. I am currently taking a class with my daughter to learn French. I have so very much to learn but it is exciting to look around and recognize a few words.

I too love Jane Austen, but it will be a very long time indeed becofre I can read it in French.

mel a dit…

coucou, je suis très étonnée qu'une érudit telle que toi ne connaisse pas encore Jane austen! Je l'adore . Gros bisous à tous les deux. J'aime aussi beaucoup ce surnom( Mr Garden) et ton blog. J'ai montré tes photos à Mr Justice.
Bisous à bientôt en ardèche