16 novembre 2007

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I've been tagged by Mélanie from Le petit cabinet de curiosité

1. What four jobs have I had?
I have been accountant at my dad's business here in Saintes.
I have been accountant in a nice big shop selling clothes, cloths! imagine!
I have been a teacher, teaching French to English speaking students, in different countries.
I had loved being a teacher.
No number four.

2- Four places I have lived?
This one too difficult, I have lived to too many places, ok, lets choose the more "exotic ones":
-India, North of in India, in a small village called Mankapur, in Uttar Pradesh
-Belgrad, capital of Serbia, at that time it was still Yougoslavia, it was war, exotic, terrifying and yet one of the most interesting place I have lived, I have fond memories of Belgrade.
-From Belgrad, we moved to Timisoara, west of Romania, one year after the fall of Ceaucescu, time had not moved from the end of second world war, difficult life, nice memories.
-From Timisoara, we moved to PENANG MALAYSIA.

3. Four places I have been on Holiday?

So many, I can't complain:

Koh Phi Phi in Thailand when there was only coconut trees.

Mandalay in Burma, the most beautiful town I've ever seen.

errh.... i am looking for my fav, oh yes,

Ubud, in Bali, Indonesia

London, last week, I love this town, and it's where my darling daughter lives.

and many many other beautiful places in the world,

I have never been to America YET, one day for sure, I want to see New York before I die. (Angkor was on the top on my list of what I wanted to see before I die. Done)

4. Four favorite foods?
Salmon, this one I answered in a previous tag already, raw, cooked, smoked.
I love fruits and vegetables, no special favorites, in France, I eat a lot of apples, mango wherever I can.
I would say like Melanie: Saucisson, especially saucisse sèche d'Ardèche. But it's so fatening that I'm always starving my saucisson.
Fish when I don't have to cook it, and every kind of seafood: oysters, clams, langoustine, translation of langoustine is: Norway lobster, Dublin bay prawn or scampi, and I also like, prawns, lobster, scampi, italian scampi fritti: have you ever tasted in Italy Italian scampi fritti, ? to die for.

5. Four places I'd rather be?
Penang, Malaysia (i'll be there in two months time)
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (i'll be there in less than two months time)
My summer house in Ardèche.
I would love to stay for sometimes in Paris.

Translation in French to follow later, la traduction en français viendra plus tard, quoique j'aime mieux répondre aux tags en anglais, va donc savoir pourquoi.

5 commentaires:

tweetey30 a dit…

You are so interesting. I was just getting passport information for in the next couple of years budget. Even though by time we get to purchasing them the prices will have gone up like everything else but I was curious what how much they cost while a friend was getting her marriage liscense yesterday.

Mélanie a dit…

Je suis si contente de t'avoir tagué . Une vie si riche et si interessante ...Formidable mais grâce à quoi as tu pu vivre dans de si nombreux pays ...je suis jalouse ..
J'adore la vie de voyage ...
On a un point commun l'ardèche , mon grand père était originaire de Lamastre et nous y retournons souvent . Nous n'avons malheuresement pas de maison là bas mais notre coeur

Kitem a dit…

Mélanie, la maison d'Ardèche nous vient de ma belle mère, nous y allons l'été, nous y avons beaucoup d'amis (coucou tout le monde) et mon mari y a plein de cousins cousines tontons et tatas, (bonjour cousine) j'espère de tout coeur que nous pourrons nous rencontrer bientôt dans cette belle région. Pas la peine d'être jalouse, chaque vie est belle et enrichissante, moi j'aimerai bien en connaître autant que toi sur les antiquités, les tissus et la tapisserie, et je suis sûre beaucoup d'autres choses tout aussi passionnantes. (et comme tu peux le deviner une vie de voyage a aussi quelques set back)

Tweetey, once you've got your passport, you have to pay for the train ticket to the airport, for the plane ticket to Finland, Norway, England or France, for the bus or train ticket to the place you want to visit, for your hotel room, for the meals, and so on, it's never ending.
But, let's start with passport first then you will see what happen next. I hope that one day you'll be able to come to Europe, I will be so glad to welcome you.

Jeannie a dit…

You are certainly well-travelled. Not to complain but you have so many different cultures so close to you - North America is very much the same all over but with different scenery. The old cultures are not plainly visible in the "new" world.

Oswegan a dit…

You are very well travelled Kitem. You are a lucky person.

I have been to France a couple of times, to Nice and to Cannes.

I have also lived in Spain near the Costa del Sol, and have visited a few other places in Europe.

My wife and I hope to live part time somewhere in Europe after we retire. We hope to do a lot of travelling too.

I also have never seen NY, but I want to soon.