15 janvier 2008

Been busy lately, occupée...

J'ai été rare dans mon blog ces derniers temps, il faut ranger et nettoyer la maison avant de la fermer pour trois mois, finir de préparer le jardin, et commencer à faire les piles pour les valises. J'étais malde, et c'était les soldes et les amis qui ont peur que l'avion tombe veulent nous voir une dernière fois avant de partir.

I was not on my blog these last days, laziness is the first culprit, I was sick, and it was France big sales, couldn't miss it, could I?
I have to clean and tidy the house before closing it for three months, do some last gardening. And our friends who are scared not to see us again are asking us over to say good bye.
Ah oui, et la vrai vérité c'est que j'étais encore dans un Jane Austin et que je n'ai pas voulu laisser tomber le roman avant la dernière ligne.
The picture shows a Nyonya ware, I don't forget that I want to tell you some more about the Nyonyas and Babas, and also about Feng Shui.
Je reviendrai plus tard sur les Peranakan et le Feng Shui.

10 commentaires:

tweetey30 a dit…

Very pretty. Its that time of year already that you will have the house shut up.. Wow where has time went.I remember just meeting you around this time last year. Take care.

Jules~ a dit…

Another beautiful piece of work. I really like this one. What are sales in France like?
Forgive me for being a bit confused here. You are going away for three months....where are you going? I thought from your pictures and such you were already in Malaysia.

Hammer a dit…

Good luck on your move to your other residence. I hope all goes smoothly.

Oswegan a dit…

Yes, I understand about being busy. Take care.

alicesg a dit…

I hope you have a fruitful shopping in France Big Sale. I understand cause I wont miss the Great Singapore Sale too...lol. Dont worry we are very patient for your stories. That is a beautiful ware. :)

aigle blanche a dit…

tu me fais signe quand tu reviens, que je t'envoie ton colis.... bon voyage!!!

Tifenn a dit…

Quand tu pars, c'est avec ton ordinateur? et tu pars quand? veinarde, au soleil!

peter a dit…

Excellent blog. The Nyonyas have a beautiful culture that is almost forgotten. Even after coming for 15 years in Malaysia I had to meet Pearly (www.my-island-penang.com) to learn something about the Nyonyas.

As a foreigner, living in Malaysia, I had not even heard of the Nyonyas. However... now I know more about then:)

The photo material you use in this blog is excellent. A big bravo for you!



Georganna Hancock a dit…

I am so behind! Where are you now, and where are you going? When are you in your beautiful French garden?

Sorry to read that you were sick. Take care and take more gorgeous photos for us to see your travels and findings.

Kitem a dit…

Thank you all for your nice comments.
A special thank you to Peter, a cycling newcomer, and to Georganna, long time no see as they say in Malaysia, Georganna, I wanted to comment on your blog, but it's closed! is there a problem?
Don't worry, i am not sick anymore.