17 janvier 2008

I am here also!!

Sylvain from your lovely places on Earth asked me to send him some photos of the places I like most on this planet.
I am in his blog today already, so fast.
Thank you Sylvain.
The first phot is my number one best place on Earth, Batu Ferringhi Beach Penang, Malaysia, where I will be again in a short while.
I took the picture during my morning walk, the sun is at the back of the beach, rising above the hills covered with primary jungle.

5 commentaires:

alicesg a dit…

Nice photo of the beach in penang. I love there too especially the food.

Jules~ a dit…

That is a wonderful picture. I can see why you like taking your morning walks there.

Sandra Evertson a dit…

Beautiful blog!
Sandra Evertson

tweetey30 a dit…

Beautiful. I love those two photo's. I dont know what it is with sand and water in the early morning like that but they are just WOW to me...

alicesg a dit…

I was given the "You Make My Day Award" and I am now passing it to you. Please visit my blog to collect it. :)