10 janvier 2008

Sick et malade

Dans mon lit.
In my bed
Doors closed, mais les portes fermées.
Je tousse, renifle, crache, chauffe, refroidit, mal partout, rien de rien, juste de quoi se faire chouchouter.
Nothing really, a big flu, Mr Garden is there to take care of me.

8 commentaires:

Hammer a dit…

Very nice. That's the way I want to have the bedroom in my next house.

alicesg a dit…

Sorry, you are sick. Your bedroom is nice and so are the furniture. Love reading your blog. :)

Jules~ a dit…

I am so sorry that you are sick. What a beautiful place to be sick in though and have Mr. Garden to take care of you.
Kitem, I am really loving looking at all of your pictures. Thank you for sharing your trip.

tweetey30 a dit…

Take care of yourself and get better soon. Flu's are every where right now so just drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest..

Hammer a dit…

Oops I missed the fact that you are not feeling well.

I hope you feel better soon.

juju a dit…

Je suis très contente d'avoir pu trouver le chemin du blog toute seule mais moins de te savoir malade ! Profites bien des câlineries de ton cher et tendre et soignes toi bien. Grosses bises à vous deux; Joëlle

Kitem a dit…

Bravo Juju, vachement forte quand même, malade, oui, mais vite dit.

Britt-Arnhild a dit…

What a beautiful bedroom.
I love that it has two doors opening to the garden.