31 janvier 2008

True Fitness

Some times ago, Julien and Anna joined a fitness club, I was glad Julien was doing something good for himself, I don't mind him being a little too big but I worried for his health in the future, Anna is trim and she wants keep in shape. When they renew their membership they got free sessions done by a private coach and free entrance for guests.
What I didn't know was that their guests were going to be Mr Garden and me.

Ouh la la, we started our free coached exercices this week, I didn't know I had so many muscles I never used! But I felt good afterward and was happy to be on the sunny side of getting in better shape and be able to shed some weight off.
Here Jacques is playing at the fitness playground while waiting for us to finish.
I didn't mention yet that prior to start exercising my trainer made a serie of tests, height, weight, with a special machine I even didn't know it could exist, there, for the first time in my live she mentioned the word obese!!!!
Ok I know that I am a bit overweight, but to hear the word obese is a big bang, she says that I have to loose 8 kg which is not very suitable I think, if I can go down 5, I shall be very happy.
(anyway to be obese is not to be 8kg overweight)

Children beeing busy after school with PSP and Game boy.

The good thing is the exercice, ok, it's a bit tough at the biginning but you can see the results very fast, it's very encouraging, you also want to eat healthy food which helps to keep in shape. We already can see the effects on Julien.

The other side is that it is going to be difficult for us to exercice regularly, we are always on the move, I do exercice, walking, swimming, moving around, here I have seen that all these machines are really very good and help a lot at exercicing the right muscle.

We were supposed to be at the gym today, instead, I am doing my blog, confortably not moving on my chair.

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Jules~ a dit…

So today you stayed home and relaxed...I think that is perfectly okay. You seem to be the type that loves to move around and explore...be adventurous. As they say here "the dust never settles on you". So resting every now and again is a good thing.
Good for you all with working out at the gym. When I have the space in my time to be able to really
get in shape, I want to have a personal trainer too. I hink it is a great way to get started.

alicesg a dit…

Hahaha.......go out and do some walking in the mall in K.L. You can lose weight by shopping unless you are attracted to those good foods in K.L. :)

Kitem a dit…

Both of you Jules and Alice are right, actually I sat down this morning only for the blog, then the whole day was rush rush including shopping at a big shopping center of KL!

tweetey30 a dit…

We are looking at getting a small gym set for the basement. We want a punching bag, a gazel, and something small. Not sure what yet.

Tifenn a dit…

Bon, si je comprend bien, tu passes des vacances studieuses à faire semblant d'utiliser des muscles que tu ne connais pas, en faisant soi disant du sport alors qu'en vrai tu rigoles et tu admires tes petits enfants! c'est pas loin de la vérité?

Hammer a dit…

I would like a fitness center if it were next to my house. But having to travel to one is way too much trouble. I'll just keep lifing my weights 12 oz at a time ;)

Jeannie a dit…

I went to the gym faithfully for about a year and then my routine got switched and various things got in the way and I paid for two years without going through the door. I never lost weight by going to the gym anyway although I was certainly more fit. I prefer walking but find I have become very lazy and don't do that either.

Kitem a dit…

Tifenn doit avoir des dons divinatoires en plus de ceux de poetesse.