02 mars 2008

Anna's bean sprouts cooking recipe

C'est la recette d'Anna pour cuire les pousses de soja, sa mere fait cuire tous ses legumes de cette facon.
Here is the dish when finished cooked. Voici ce que ca donne termine.
Dans une cuilleree d'huile d'olive, ou d'une autre de cuisson de bonne qualite, faire revenir de l'ail en gros morceau. Cook some chunks of garlic in a quality cooking oil.
In Malaysia you can find their own kitchen oil from palm tree, I don't like it, not very good quality and not refined well enough.
Je n'aime pas l'huile de palme malaisienne, elle n'est pas assez rafinee, et n'a pas tres bon gout.

Ici, en plus des bean sprout, elle cuit des legumes verts en fleur, des Choy Sum.

She cooks first some green flowered vegies, called Choy Sum.
Elle les met en premier, ils sont un peu plus long a cuire.
Puis elle ajoute les pousses de soja, she throws the bean sprouts in one shot.

They cook very fast, ils cuisent vite, des qu'ils changent de couleur, c'est bon.
Elle ajoute une demie cuillere de sauce soja legere. She adds half a spoon of light soya sauce.
A pinch of sea salt, une pincee de sel de mer,

Et voila, c'est pret en moins de cinq minutes, c'est leger, et bon pour la sante.

Voila, finished in less than 5 minutes, good, and healthy.

Happy Birthday to my Darling Daughter.

5 commentaires:

Zombieslayer a dit…

Looks good. :)

I actually prefer bean sprouts cooked than raw. Don't like them raw. They're good when they're fried.

As for palm oil, not sure where it ranks in health for oils, but if I remember correctly, canola and olive are the healthiest oils. I cook with canola oil only and flavor with olive oil or sometimes just a pinch of sesame oil for flavoring.

Olive oil though is really good for you. I drink a straight tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil every day.

Jeannie a dit…

Yes, palm oil is not very good for us. I'll bet the Choy Sum has a unique flavour of its own that makes all the difference. I do love bean sprouts any way.

Jules~ a dit…

Yum! It looks and sounds so tasty. Is the Choy Sum similar to something like maybe a spinach leaf?

Le Jardin de Vérone a dit…

Hummmm !!!
Ca me donne faim ...
Bravo pour le reportage!

alicesg a dit…

Oooo, looked very yummy and very healthy.