14 mai 2008

Cyste rose et lierre envahissant. Cyste and Ivy

The cyste pink flower in early morning, young, crumpled and rumpled.
La fleur de cyste au petit matin, l'air chiffonné et fripé.
La même en bouton, rumpled cyste bud.
You know what? it's a mushroom, it's the first time I see that type of mushroom, one day old life.
C'est un champignon, un peu caché sous l'oranger sur Mexique, il a vécu une journée entière, et n'était déjà plus là ce matin.

Quel est ce drôle de fouillis? une toute petite partie de mon travail d'hier, j'essaie d'éradiquer le lierre qui envahit le muret entre notre jardin et celui des voisins. J'ai fait le muret des voisines de l'autre côté la semaine dernière. Je ne peux plus supporter le lierre, il m'a même donné une allergie aux yeux! c'est dire.

I am trying to eradicate the ivy that is creeping everywhere in the garden, up above is a small part of yesterday's work. I am fed up with this ivy, it gave me some eye allergy, and I have still plenty to weed.

9 commentaires:

Jeannie a dit…

I have that same ivy - or a similar one - taking over my back yard. sigh.

clara a dit…

The paper-likeness of the flower is so interesting and so is that mushroom. Now I wish I could take a walk in your garden.

tweetey30 a dit…

That is terrible looking stuff. I need to take a photo of this stuff that grew on our house last summerk if it comes back again this year..

Jules~ a dit…

I have never ever seen a mushroom look like that before. Maybe there is a fungus that is thriving on your fungal caps? It doesn't look like it grew that way.

The ivy, I am so sorry it is a bother. I think it must be true that the "grass is greener on the other side" like they say. Because, I have never had ivy but have alwas thought it to be the perfect addition to a romantic picture. I must keep in mind that it is a pest. It sounds like it must take over like the blackberry bushes do over here.

alicesg a dit…

Very strange looking mushroom. But your garden looked so lovely with so many beautiful flowers. You did a good job.

M.KATE a dit…

what mushroom is that? never seen it in my life! Must be poisonous and not for eating? take care :)

Barbara a dit…

I'd like to have a Cyste rose in my garden since I saw them growing wild in Portugal. But unfortunately they are not frost hardy. They are so beautiful! Your plant has a very special colour!

AlasMyDear a dit…

lovely, lovely photos on your blog.

such a pity that the pretty flowers come with so many weeds! weeding is such hard work :(

Alison Ashwell a dit…

The weird fungus is Clathrus ruber one of the Stinkhorn [Phallaceae] fungi

Ce champignon étrange s'appelle Clathre rouge , membre de la famille des Phallaceaen