25 mai 2008

Home sweet home

Still in Marina's game, the deco Party
Welcome, this is the corridor, view from the main door.

My house is big, here is what we call "the chinese drawing room" because it is full of Asian paraphernalia, a bit of everything, not only chinese.
Mixing of Indian rugs, old armchairs,
Indonesian sofa,
Antic Chinese altar, and a beautiful fish bone like ivory inlaid chinese cabinet.
A little view of the guest room.

There is many more rooms, another living room upstairs, a huge dining room with its own kitchen attached, and a small breakfast room attached to the main kitchen, a study where we have our computers, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, not attached to the bedrooms, and attic, and cellar, and laudry room, and a few useless space.

And we are the TWO of us!
And today is cleaning day...pff

10 commentaires:

Barbara Doduk a dit…

What a beautiful house.

B @ The Love Blog

Jeannie a dit…

You do have a beautiful home. Too many rooms for two but when the family comes home? I would not like to clean it either.

alicesg a dit…

Wow such a beautiful home. It is huge too. I hate cleaning too. Your home is beautifully decorated.

M.KATE a dit…

Dany :)

I love the view on the corridor. A big home it is, and when I go to France, can I 'self-invite' myself to stay there? Soooo beautiful!!! I am really envious, and dont stop now, do continue to show more of your wonderful home :)

Jules~ a dit…

I loved taking a walk thru a couple of your special rooms. You have a beautiful home and wonderful decorating tastes. It looks like a magazine. (smile)
I don't have that kind of inspiration.
Maybe after you are finished cleaning, you can show more of your home? I would love to see.

tweetey30 a dit…

Beautiful. I dont know what I would do with a house that big. I have a hard time keeping up with the three bedrooms we have.

Lawstude a dit…

Very lovely home. The downside is it will take a lot of time cleaning it. Have a nice day.

Caty a dit…

great place! love the decoration Kitem!

(je suis debordée avec beaucouo de travail en ce moment mais je ne t'oublie pas, j'espere on se vera cet été?) Bisous!

Marina Capano a dit…

wow! Hi Kitem! I love your home! what a so cute house! congatulation! thanks you for participate!

Sara a dit…

Your home is lovely....I like all the light from those tall windows too.