20 juillet 2008

Labastide de Virac, bis

Here the two computer squatters.

Mes deux squateurs d'ordinateur, parce que oui, cette année j'ai fait conecter la maison à internet, Alex a beaucoup apprécié.

Toujours un beau ciel bleu au dessus de la bergerie, avant, les chèvres s'appelaient Perlette et Perlou, maintenant, elle attend rénovation et aménagement en maison d'amis.
Blue sky above the sheepfold, waiting to be renovated as spare house for family and friends. Long time ago there was there two goats, called Pearl and Pearly.

En haut du Saint Roman, at their back, the village.
From the other side, view on the old XIV century castle, at the back, the Saint Roman hill.
De l'autre côté du village, on voit le chateau du XIV siècle, et au fond, la colline du Saint Roman, colline, d'accord, mais il faut la grimper quand même.

Photo mise par erreur, dans les rues du village des Bories, près de Gordes, en Provence.

This photo shouldn't be here, it is near Gordes, in Provence.

Dans mon jardin, un carillon de Bali.

In my garden, the windshime commes from Bali.

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M.Kate a dit…

Hello there :)

BEAUTIFUL PICTURES...and before long, you are a grandmama again, so much fun and exciting. The Ayuthaya's restaurant is in Subang Jaya, we should go there when you are back. Missing you already.Lots of love and hugs always/MK

Tifenn a dit…

J'y viendrais bien faire un tour qd elle sera rénovée...contente de te relire!

Sara a dit…

Greetings Kitem! I'm enjoying all the views you are sharing of places in your beautiful country.

To answer your question, I know how to ride a bike, but I haven't owned one in many years....like you, I prefer walking.

alicesg a dit…

Wow, a spare house for visitors. That is so lovely and good idea. Your daughter is so beautiful.

Vérone a dit…

Très chouette ton carillon !!!
Je vais t'envoyer un petit mail .

Britt-Arnhild a dit…

Beautiful photos from a beautiful country.

tweetey30 a dit…

Beautiful. Esp of Helene and Alex. they always look so happy.