26 juillet 2008

Lendemain de fête

Pour Ortho, le curieux qui veut toujours savoir ce qu'on a bu, cet excellent vin Cheval Noir Saint Emilion 1990;
For you, Ortho, you know what? I forgot to take picture of the food, or they are not good, i will post later the recipe of the desert.
On est tous coincés sur les marches du haut à l'abri, car après avoir eu une chaleur accablante toute la journée, l'orage est apparu en soirée.
After a very warm and sunny day, the storm came in the evening, so we are all on the top of the stairs under the roof.

Je complote avec Patrick, à propos de la surprise Irish coffee.

Comploting with Patrick, about the surprise.

Après un jeu de piste qui nous a tous mené à l'entrée du village, Patrick nous prépare ses fameux Irish coffee.

Oh Patrick! il était drolement raide, ton café irlandais.

Patrick prepares a very strong Irish Coffee, after the rain, we walked the village, to have fun in the night.

Ce matin, la vaisselle, c'est une maison de vacances, il n'y a pas de lave vaisselle, c'est Monsieur Garden qui a passé la matinée à laver la vaisselle, l'essuyer et même la ranger, car moi, je suis descendue à l'Ardèche avec Mireille pour faire un peu d'excercice, 35mn rien que pour remonter la falaise, et d'un bon pas, il n'y a que Mireille pour m'entraîner à grimper comme un cabri.

This morniong Mr Garden did all the washing, we don't have a dish washer in the summer house, he also dried and tidy the dishes;

Meanwhile I was climbing down the cliff to the Ardèche river with Mireille.

9 commentaires:

Jeannie a dit…

What fun! I used to love Irish coffee but unfortunately, coffee is yucky now. Instead, I have my whiskey in hot chocolate.

alicesg a dit…

I love Irish Coffee too but is so expensive nowadays, so I will stick to my local kopi...lol. You all looked like you have lots of fun and that summer house is great for party.

M.Kate a dit…

Dearest D
Wow..you really are having a FANTASTIC time!! Definitely than me climing all over Bako, Sarawak!! I am back from my kuching trip.

I note that since you are back in France, it's FUN FUN FUN all the way :D

big hugs to you

tweetey30 a dit…

I have never had Irish Coffee but love the creamer that they make with that taste. Glad you had a wonderful time. I am getting ready for bed. I am tired...

clara a dit…

I love the smell of Irish coffee. And thumbs up to Mr Garden for doing the dishes ;-)

alicesg a dit…

Hi Kitem, Thanks for dropping by my blog. Today post will show the wet part of the market....lol.

Sara a dit…

It looks like you all had a good time and enjoyed your friends and delicious food and Irish coffee...

I love those stone steps and the stone facade of the house! So very different from what I see around here...I think it's beautiful.

Mélanie a dit…

CA !! C'est une fête !!!!

Helene a dit…

Super la photo du complot, a croire que vous avez pose pour la photo! Patrick le chef des Irish Coffee, irremplacable.