14 juin 2008

Wow Wow Wow

We've been invited yesterday evening for dinner at friends place.
And what a place! we invited them first, and they invited us in return, it was the first time we saw the house.
Not a house, a beautiful old mansion, we were in awe, I didn't dare taking photos, it was a farm long time ago, and then at some point in history the house developped in a small castle.

Here the entrance, it is a big house with a lot of rooms, large, confortable, airy, with plenty of huge windows, and beautiful old pieces of furniture.

I was more daring at taking photos of the outside, here is the pigeon house, two babies were born during the week.
And this one is sitting on her eggs.
Even the salads are bedding in their own castle of old stones. Isn't this salad bed beautiful?
Voilà Better the house horse, he is big and doesn't run anymore, he ran toward us from the far end of his meadow and straight to his stable in a beautiful horse house, asking for more food.
We had a marvellous dinner, the masters of the house are very nice people, they have to work hard to maintain the house and the huge park around clean and beautiful.
And do you know what they said? i just couldn't believe it.
That they would gladly exchange their house to ours!
But noway, mine is far more simpler, but in the center of the town, it is what they want, to live in town, in a smaller house.
But how you can leave a house like theirs? I don't think you can do that.
Pas de traduction pour ce billet, désolée. Bon week end à tous, et un petit coucou à ceux qui viennent demain.

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none a dit…

Wow. What a spread! the salad, pigeons and horse make great pictures.

The Zombieslayer a dit…

I like that very first picture. That staircase is beautiful as is the furniture.

The chair is something my mother would love. She's an antique aficionado. She's now retired and her house looks like a museum. It has a beautiful baby grand piano in the heart of it between antiques. If only she'd play that piano more.

Anonyme a dit…

Go away, change, and I will come down and work in your garden :-)

Unknown a dit…

Mansion alright, glad you are back :)

Tifenn a dit…

Echange de maison c'est ça? c'est un très bon système je trouve! veinarde!

ortho a dit…

Kitem, it seems these members of the petty bourgeoisie tried to seduce you into a house swap. Resist the temptation to acquiesce to their seductive entreaties!

Now, to the important things. What did you eat? Did you have foie gras? Asparagus and pigeon? What was for dessert? What was the vintage of the wine? Did they have decent chèvre? Please tell us the answers to these important and pressing questions.

Anonyme a dit…

Yes! It looks like a marvelous place. It has everything! :D

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alicesg a dit…

Wow the house looked very antique. Those baby pigeons looked so cute. It must be a really huge house with a big barn with so many animals and plants.

by Danie a dit…

Merci à tous de vos gentils commentaire, non, non, ce n'est pas une proposition d'échange de maison, c'est juste pour dire qu'ils aiment bien la nôtre aussi, qui est pourtant très très loin d'être si belle, mais ma maison se trouve proche du centre ville et elle est moins grande, moins chère et moins fatiguante à entretenir, en fait ils cherchent vraiment à se rapprocher de la ville, mais ils vont avoir du mal à se séparer de leur belle demeure.
Dearest Ortho, we had a marvellous dinner, very good and refined, and not fatening, so no fois gras, asparagus from the estate, a tasty leg of lamb with fresh vegies from the garden too, the chèvre was gorgeous, but do you know that social rule says taht it is not polite de take cheese twice? so I took a small bite and then looked enviously to the cheese plate and didin't take another bite.
The master of the house did the strawberries tartelettes himself. Champagne Besserat de Bellefon before dinner, Chablis 2006 white wine on asparagus, Chateau Malescasse Haut Medoc 1999 Bordeaux red wine with lamb.
Britt Arhild, you would love theis house, but too much work in the garden!

Jules~ a dit…

What an amazing house and grounds. Okay I must admit to be a little stumped by the pigeons. They are so tiny and cute but their eyes don't look real. I looked fro toher baby pigeon pictures on the we to try to see but each baby is so different.
They love your house and you love theirs. Now we all love both yours and theirs. Thank you for sharing.
I was reading the other comments and noticed you mention that it is bad manners to take second helpings. That would ake me a while to get used to. I tend to take super small portions in case the taste doesn't agree with me and then I take more of what I like.

Anonyme a dit…

What an experience to have been in such a mansion! The baby
pigeons are adorable and they don't really (well not yet) look like their mother :-)