06 avril 2007

Demi Anniversaire, derniere journee.

Six bougies et demie d'un cote, trois et demie de l'autre.
Apres un delicieux repas commande chez Mum's Place a Damansara Perdana. Nous avions reserve, mais Mr Garden ne se sentait pas tres bien, on a prefere diner a la maison.

3 commentaires:

tweetey29 a dit…

Very cute. How old are they? I love kids. Esp when they love to cuddle up and listen to stories.

Kitem a dit…

They are 6 and half and 3 and half, we are never with them for their real birthdays in August, so we do a half birthday and the presents are a day at the theme park (this year, two theme parks)or Disney On Ice last year, something different, no toys.

tweetey29 a dit…

That works. That is an excellent idea. My parents are here for either of the girls b-days either and by time we do see my parents its not a half b-day. But glad it works for you. You have lovely grandchildren.