27 septembre 2007

Travaux d'Automne

Autumn work:
Repeindre les sieges de jardin.
To put a coat of paint of this old rusty chair.

3 commentaires:

Mélanie a dit…

J'adore quand c'est rouillé mais c'est parce que je suis antiquaire

sfgirl a dit…

Bonjours, Kitem! Ca va? Your pictures are beautiful, as always. I have not forgotten...I will send you something soon... :)

Kitem a dit…

Thank you sfgirl, i am looking forward to read your book.

Melanie, I totally agree, i also love when it is rusted, but this time it was too much, so rusty that the 2 chairs and 2 armchairs, beautifully old that we couldn't sit on them anymore, et la table malheureusemant est morte, j'en ai bien peur.