01 novembre 2007


Est ce q'elles ne sont pas belles?
je dis: oh vous étes beaux!
-non, pas beaux, on n'est que des filles.

J'avais préparé leur coup de sonnette.
Un joli panier rempli de paquets de bonbons, fait maison, les paquets, pas les bonbons.
Là, c'est rien que des garçons, les mamans surveillaient derrière. Je trouve ça bien.
Et voilà pourquoi ils sonnent, comme ce n'est pas une grande tradition en France, je mets une déco Halloween sur la porte, près de ma sonnette, pour qu'ils comprennent que dans cette maison on joue le jeu et qu'ils seront bien reçus.

La sonnette tire sur un fil qui agite une vraie clochette dans le fond de la maison. C'est la même sonnette depuis 150 ans.

In France Halloween is not a big affaire, there is no parties, no children in the streets, it's seldom that we see them asking for sweets.

But sometimes they do dress up and ring at people door. So I put some sort of add to my door.

I am lucky to live downtown, in the center of the town, and the house is on the street, usually children like to pull my old door bell and run away as fast as possible before we have time to open the door, just imagine Mr Garden reaction, he is not very happy, and grumble about these children.

So today they were allowed to pull the bell, I had prepared a basket full of sweets, even Mr Garden is happy.

4 commentaires:

tweetey30 a dit…

Sounds like a great thing for those kids. And a special night to pull the bell. We didnt go out last night but spent sometime with the girls instead. We did buy them a bag of candy instead though.

Hammer a dit…

As long as the kids are nice Halloween can be a great time for everyone.

I like handing out candy to polite kids with entertaining costumes.

Kitem a dit…

Same here Hammer, ours were very polite and well bred, but we don't have much of them, Halloween is not vey famous here.

Mélanie a dit…

Did they say a trick or a treat ?