16 décembre 2007


To answer Zombie slayer question: how old is the house?
On the right wall of the stable porch, this inscription: Charmasson, 1778
On the arch of the porch, again the same date: 1778
Another view of the house, there is some more Here.

and now a bonus: go back a bit down, and look at the picture of all of us on the staircase, could you imagine that part of them are called Charmasson?

7 commentaires:

Jeannie a dit…

amazing - 1778 - Canada isn't even near that old!

And good of you to include everyone who wishes to be on your blog!

The Zombieslayer a dit…

Thanks for answering and posting more pictures. I'll check out that other link too.

I'm an architecture geek. Love stuff like that. :)

Kitem a dit…

But there was people in Canada before 1778, isn't it? Indians, Inuits were there I guess, Canada History doesn't start with immigrants from Western Europe? I don' t know the history of America, i am sorry about that, we learn little at school, and I didn't read much about that afterwards, I'll do, one day.

Oswegan a dit…

Wow, that's really old.



tweetey30 a dit…

Wow. That is an intersting bit of history here. So neat.

Mélanie a dit…

1778 : fabuleux.
C'est une maison superbe ..bien sur j'adore les vieilles maisons qui ont tellement d'âme

Rsoéemimie a dit…

Qu'elle belle maison et en plus si ancienne !!! Vous avez là une demeure magnifique et chargée d'histoires et d'histoires j'en suis sure... Toi qui maies écrire écris l'histoirede votre maison !!! Pour tes petits enfants plus tard... Un endroit ou il doit faire bon vivre encore que ce soir Oléron ou l'Ardèche vous devez y semer le bonheur...
Gros bisous et bonne journée. Mimie