23 décembre 2007

The Boy

View from my computer, I am in my small studio across the hallway and the drawing room.
At the hair salon yesterday a boy was sat next to me, and of course the conversation went fast to Christmas, then to the presents then to Santa Claus.
He was telling me that the parents were the ones who brought the present to the Christmas tree on Christmas night, obviously he was wrong it's what I told him trying to be as convincing as I could be.
He didn't want to believe me, he was very sure of himself. Isabelle, the hairdresser even said that she had saw Santa, so that he was real and the boy was wrong.
He tried to draw his dad attention, daddy was reading Elle magazine last issue and was happy to let his little boy to handdle such an important subject all by himself.
So the boy explained clearly and properly what was the truth, but then nobody in the salon couldn't believe him, that didn't change his mind one bit.
Everyone stayed on its own position.
So we told him that he should pretend to believe in Santa Claus, but when you are 10 years old, it's hard to change your mind after such a big discovery.

2 commentaires:

Jeannie a dit…

I think most 10 year olds would not believe. I believed until I was about 8 I think and then my brother's friend told me Santa was dead. I cried so hard - I thought he had JUST died.

The Zombieslayer a dit…

Nah. 10 is too old. I think around 8 is when kids stop believing.