29 décembre 2007

Du bon vin

Mr Garden is enjoying taking out of the cellar his best bottles of his best wine.
He knows his son in law appreciates it.
The most beautiful gift from my dearest daughter.
Last summer I occasionally mentioned that I needed a new secator for my garden, and she remembered it at the right moment.
Emilie and Nicolas too know I love my garden and its birds.
The Red Robin is waiting for his food. He's there as soon as we arrived in the kitchen and asks us for some grains.

5 commentaires:

Oswegan a dit…

I wish I could help him with his wines.


The Zombieslayer a dit…

I love birds. I bought some binoculars and used to take Junior bird watching back when we lived in Northern California, which by the way is excellent for bird watching.

And only now am I starting to appreciate French wine. I have a friend that won't drink anything but French wine.

Jeannie a dit…

Some nice French wine? mmmmm

And looking forward to spring with new tools -

And keeping the birdies happy now

La Cremiere a dit…

Nanananere-heu, Oswegan, I got to taste these gorgeous wines.

Kitem, you're too spoilt with your garden, lucky you.

Hammer a dit…

I've never seen a robin quite that color. The ones I see here are fire engine red.

I can just imagine how delicious those wines are :)