03 juillet 2008

Espagne, Spain

J'étais à Paris sous un temps brumeux et le lendemain je me baignais dans une Mediterranée bleue et transparente, bien qu'un peu froide encore. I was in Paris by a foggy day, the day after, I was swimming in a transparent
still cold Mediterranean blue sea.
En promenade, le long du sentier qui longe la côte,
On the coastal way, by a very warm sunny morning.
Et oui, on a bien bu toutes ces bouteilles de Champagne, et même plus, mais les hommes nous ont aidé, et on a recommencé pendant plusieurs soirées.
We drank many more Champagne bottles than shown on the picture, but men helped us, and we did that on many more evenings.

10 commentaires:

Tifenn a dit…

WAOU WAOU WAOU, c'est tout ce que j'aurais à dire!!

Hammer a dit…

The views of the water are breathtaking.

tweetey30 a dit…

Glad you had a wonderful time and that you are back now. Take care and hugs..

Jules~ a dit…

breath taking! Back when I graduated high school, I spent a summer in Madrid...but I sure didn't get any views like that.

Do you have pictures to share of Emma?

Sara a dit…

You are living my dream life, Paris one day, the beautiful ocean the next day, and champagne with friends!

You all make a lovely group photo in that last shot.

Jeannie a dit…

Gorgeous! The scenery and all you ladies. I could so see me there with you sipping and chatting. After a few glasses I would believe I even had a clue what you were saying.

M.Kate a dit…

Hello :D

wow...BEAUTIFUL pictures, you always take fantastic pictures!! My overnight trip to Penang was toooo brief. I havent the time to do anything at all. I wanted to go to Cheong Fatt Tze mansion, but they only have tour on twice a day on specific time..maybe next time. However, I sure miss Penang very much so I'll go again with the family this time.

You seem to be having a great time, champagne and all, are you missing our hot weather here?

Take care and I hope we'll have tea again soon :D

Helene a dit…

J'adore la photo de groupe. Bien sur, les autres photos ne manquent pas de faire rever. Bisous.

The Zombieslayer a dit…

Those pictures are beautiful. My brother lived in Madrid for a year. I'll have to bug him about some Spanish beach pictures. He does tell me that the women in Spain are some of the most beautiful in the world.

Barbara Doduk a dit…

Looks amazing, I am jealous. :)