05 novembre 2008


We went to a violin concert yesterday night at the Cathedral with maman, violins only, plus a double bass and a viola, they play really well, Albinoni, Shubert, Brahms and The Four Seasons from Vivaldi in the second half.
Brahms, the Hungarian dance was my favorite.
Nous sommes allées voir jouer les Violons Virtuoses de Paris, à la cathèdrale hier soir avec maman, nous étions ravies de cette petite sortie, et nous avons beaucoup apprécié le concert, rien qu des violons plus une contrebasse et un alto, c'était très agréable à écouter, la musique a le don de nous élever au dessus du monde.
Ils ont joué du Schubert, Bach, Tchaikovsky, le concerto d'Albinoni et les quatre saisons de Vivaldi
Alexandre Stajic est un chef d'orchestre qui a l'art de communiquer son enthousiasme à ses musiciens et à son public, on sent chez lui une personnalité chaleureuse et vibrante.
Il a commencé sa carrière à l'opera de Belgrade, que j'ai beaucoup fréquenté à une époque de ma vie, et qui me rappelle d'excellents souvenirs.

Alexandre Stajic plays Ferdinando Galiano's violin (follower of Antonio Stradivari) dating 1779. He has started playing at the Opera of Belgrade where I have been so many times in a past life.
His capacity to communicate its immense enthusiasm with his musciens, joined to a warm personality makes a night with him a pure enjoyment.

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Elizabeth a dit…

Wish I had been there. This sounds so wonderful.

Pat a dit…

How wonderful! I love classical music and opera.

Jeannie a dit…

I never listen to classical music although I did as a kid. I think about it sometimes though and sometimes pull out my old piano music and play a bit. It's much easier to play rock though.

alicesg a dit…

Looked so beautiful. I guess you must have enjoyed the concert very much. The place looked so class.

tweetey30 a dit…

Sounds like fun. Hope you enjoyed yourself dearly..

M.Kate a dit…

Sounds good Kitem :D
Too bad wont be seeing you so soon but I think you are going to be very happy in the UK, what a joyful occassion. much love and big hugs

Vodka Mom a dit…

Ma famille ne peuvent pas comprendre mon amour pour la musique classique! Je vais avoir à venir vous rendre visite afin que je puisse écouter certains! Merci pour le partage!

The Zombieslayer a dit…

Beautiful pictures.

Brahms is my second favorite composer (after Peter Illych Tchaikovsky of course). I think Brahms is the most underrated composer out there, and it's probably because he was in Beethoven's shadow. I love Beethoven, don't get me wrong, but there's something about the subtle melodies of Brahms that I absolutely adore. Love the Hungarian dances, but especially his 1st and 4th symphonies, his first violin concerto, and his violin and cello dual concerto.

Jules~ a dit…

THe concert sounds so lovely! At least I imagine you had an amazing time. I love the sounds of strings.
In my youth, I played violin for 2 years. But I quit out of lack of determination. How I kick myself. Lately I have thought that when I am more free to pursue personal wants....I would like to take up the cello.

Dany, how is your daughter doing with that precious bundle?