02 février 2009

Soleil, piscine, anniversaire

It's Chinese New Year holiday in this beautiful sunny country, il fait beau , le soleil nous ecrase, et nous envoie des coups, sur les joues, et le haut du dos.

So we spent time at the swimming pool.
Et au parc de jeu comme ils disent ici, indoor, parceque vraiment il fait chaud dehors, alors un parc de jeu dedans, il y a la clim, mais on a chaud quand meme, sur la photo le grand n'a plus ses lunettes qui se sont cassees en jouant et meme en se battant avec un garcon qui va devenir quelques minutes plus tard son meilleur copain.
J'ai quand meme passe un bon moment a jouer dans les balles a chercher le verre tombe, je me suis bien amusee.
And in the ball pool, indoor kidzone, at least we escape the heat, I spent also quite some fun time inside with them looking desesperatly for the lens of Jacques's spectacles that had been lost during a fight with little Joshua, who then became his best friend for the rest of the afternoon.
Petit dejeuner chez le chinois dimanche matin, il mange une soupe, vous voyez des nouilles, mais ca s'appelle soupe, alors bien sur quand j'ai fait une bonne soupe pour le diner, on m'a dit qu'elle etait super pas bonne ma soupe.
This is the sunday morning breakfast, at the Chinese restaurant, he is eating soup, there is noodles, but it's called soup, so when I cooked a very good vegetable soup tonight, I was received with a "this soup is really not a good soup".
Et puis on a fete mon anniversaire en avance, je ne savais pas que j'allais etre pourrie gatee, toute une collection de maquillage de chez Mademoiselle Chanel ma chere, et un sac qui me plaisait beaucoup et que j'avais vu avec ma belle fille Anna, elle s'en est souvenu au moment de choisir mon cadeau. J'aime mieux porter mon sac en bandouillere depuis qu'on m'en a vole a deux reprise a l'arrachee.
Demain, je serai encore sur la route, les valises dans le coffre.
I had my birthday party a bit in advance, on the good day I won't be with them, I had a lovely time and beautiful presents I wasn't expecting, plenty of Channel make up, they are going to last long since I am not a big user of make up, but I like some once in a while, and a great bag I noticed a few days ago while shopping with my daughter in law, she remembered it when she thought about the present.
I have such a wonderful family.

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Jules~ a dit…

Yes you do have a wonderful family.
My my look at how the boys have grown! I loved catching up and looking at all of your pictures. Look at how happy everyone is to be together. And those little rose bud socks are precious! What a cleaver idea.
I am so glad you are doing well my friend. Blessings to you and your family.

Jeannie a dit…

Oh lucky you - to be where it is warm! And Happy Birthday! so nice that your daughter in law was paying attention! Bet she was happy to get you something that you would be sure to love.

alicesg a dit…

Happy birthday in advance. How times fly so fast. I rembered you spend your last birthday in Malaysia too. I guess you have a great time enjoying the chinese new year atmosphere in KL and eating and shopping. :) Time for me to shop around for a cheap travel package to some nearby country. :)

Unknown a dit…

Beautiful Kitem. Happy birthday in advance :D

tweetey30 a dit…

Great photo's Kitem.. I love seeing you with your family and happy b-day..

LisennBreizh a dit…

Happy birthday !!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Happy birthday Kitem!