05 janvier 2009

En attendant, while waiting

On nourrit les cygnes, we feed the swanns.
We stroll along the Thames, on se balade le long de la Tamise.
Oui, on continue les soldes, we're still doig the sales.
Everything is brand new, jusqu'a ma petite culotte, tout a ete achete en solde, euh, oui j'avais bien dit que j'avais explose le budget solde, c'est bien ennuyeux.
Mais tout cela ne fait pas venir Bebe, but Baby is still stuck inside, moving, turning around, making her own show at night, elle bouge et tourne dans tous les sens, hier soir, elle faisait la hola quand son dady jouait au foot sur sa play station, elle est bien dedans, et ne montre pas le bout de son nez.
Et que fait mama sur cette photo? devinez un peu...
elle travaille, elle email ses clients que la livre a encore chutee, et ouille, les prix vont augmenter, mais dans le fond, elle s'en fiche, elle, elle attend.
What is she doing there? working, emailing her clients that the economy is very bad at the moment, the prices are going up.
I guess she doesn't care much, she's waiting.
And Mr Garden is going back to France tomorrow to wave his Dad good bye.

5 commentaires:

Jeannie a dit…

Mama is looking well. First babies are often tardy. I wonder why. As long as you can stay as long as it takes...

alicesg a dit…

Looked very cold but from your dressing can see you are all well kept warm.

M.Kate a dit…

Hi Kitem, ah..the waiting game..it's very exciting and yet one have to be so patient. You know I was so impatient to deliver my 2nd and 3rd, I checked myself in the hospital and told the doctor to induce the birth immediately!! the waiting drove me crazy..so i decided to choose the dates and told the doctor to do his thing :D ..no kidding ok.

Those swans look so pretty and the SALES continue :D

tweetey30 a dit…

She looks gorgeous yet and even before baby. She will look even better after baby gets here. She is glowing in pregnancy gloss.. LOL. Take care.

Jules~ a dit…

It looks like you are having so much fun with shopping and visiting and waiting.
I wonder if now that bundle of joy has arrived.