10 janvier 2009

Jour un, jour zero, day one and day before

This photo is at home a few minutes ago, first time on the changing table je viens de prendre cette photo, aqujourd'hui a la maison, c'est sa premiere fois sur la table a langer.
No, you could think of that right, it's not chicken feet, but my own beautiful grand daughter long skinny dry feet. This dryness is because she arrived a bit late.
On pourrait penser aux pattes d'un poulet qu'on emmene au marche, mais non, ce sont bien les grands pieds maigres et desseches de ma jolie petite fille. Cette secheresse vient du fait qu'elle est ne avec un peu de retard.
Ou sont les yeux? Where are the eyes?

Sleeping soundly on her first day, elle dort beaucoup, c'est sa premiere journee, mais dans quelques minutes, elle va tres vite apprendre a teter.

Pas grand chose d'europeen, elle a bien la bouche de sa maman, elle a meme une fossette comme sa grand mere maternelle, mais tout le reste vient de Daddy, elle ressemble a son amah, la grand mere paternelle.
She so looks like her paternal grandmother, it's so obvious, she is from Daddy's side, good that daddy is very handsome, she got one of my dimple though, and her mama's beautiful mouth.

Happy new family, at the hospital, day zero.
Pas de traduction ici, la photo parle d'elle meme: ils sont heureux.

10 commentaires:

Tifenn a dit…

Elle est très mignonne...j'aime bien ton histoire de poulet du marché, qd elle sera grande on dira d'elle peut-être, qu'elle a des mollets de coq!
Ils peuvent être fiers les parents (oui, et aussi les grand parents...)

M.Kate a dit…

Bonjour Kitem, awww...she is so beautiful but no, not chicken feet haha..you are a funny grandmama.
I am absolutely she will grow up even more beautiful, they always do from mixed marriages. And she will be so blessed with the culture of both nationalities, just like your other grandchildren. Happy Sunday :D

alicesg a dit…

"Gong Xi Gong Xi"/Congratulations and "Huan Ying"/Welcome to the beautiful world. She is so beautiful and pretty and so cute. Her parents must be so proud of her.

Jeannie a dit…

Beautiful photos. I want to hug a baby too.

c|ara a dit…

Hello little Gabrielle! Heartfelt congrats to her parents and witty grandma :-) And here's sending my regards to her grandpa...sorry to hear about the loss of great-grandpa.

tweetey30 a dit…

Wow there is my new adopted niece from across the great blue sea Kitem.. Thank you for posting these for me. I have happy tears in my eyes. I am just heading to bed. Thank you again. She is beautiful guys.. Enjoy her because she will grow up way to fast..

lisenn a dit…

Comme elle est jolie, que toute la famille se repose bien surtout...
Et un gros bisous à la petite puce.

tshsmom a dit…

What a beautiful granddaughter you have! Congratulations to all of you!
Thank you for posting the pictures. I was so anxious to see Gabrielle.
A biento!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti a dit…

CONGRATULATIONS Kitem! Gabrielle is beautiful!

I'm sorry I have not visited for awhile -- it has been one thing after another with problems with my Mom and then my daughter has been ill, but I'm glad I visited right after the happy arrival of Gabrielle!

Being a grandmother is GRAND isn't it? Congratulations to your daughter and son-in-law too!

Hugs, Pat

Mélanie a dit…

Merveilleux bébé ...BRAVO