24 mai 2007


J'avoue: j'ai piqué cette idée sur un blog, en me promenant, j'ai trouvé les photos jolies. Mais je ne me souviens plus qui c'est. Si tu te reconnais en passant mets ton nom en commentaire pour que je puisse te donner le crédit.
Ancolie de profil.
Ancolie de face.

I took this idea of the same flower, one front view and one side view from another blog, I don' t remember which one, whoever, please tell me if you recognise your idea, I'll give credit here.

4 commentaires:

Jeannie a dit…

Those are called Columbine here. I had some for a while. But I think they have disappeared now.

Kitem a dit…

Lol, Jeannie, I didn't know the name was Columbine, a beautiful name indeed. And full a remembrance for some students in America.

tweetey29 a dit…

I have no idea really. But they are beautiful all the same.

Tifenn a dit…

On dirait un oiseau qui survole la forêt amazonienne!