29 mai 2007

Au Nord

Au nord, on place les hortensias, ils sont doucement en train de s'éveiller, sur le grand mur nu et froid, qu'ils vont bientôt arroser de rose.

Along a wall facing north, there are Hydrangeas, they are slowly waking up.
Last winter, before leaving to Malaysia, I have planted a creeper hydrangea, it is supposed to climb along the wall, for the moment it is staying quietly on the ground.
But I have good hopes.

5 commentaires:

francoise oleron a dit…

Très beaux les hortensias, les miens aussi commencent à s'épanouir, dans quel coin d'Oléron as tu une maison, aujourd'hui encore de la pluie....


Kitem a dit…

C'est une petite maison qui appartient à ma mère, plage des Huttes, juste en bas de là ou tu as photographié l'autre jour, on voit le hameau derrière vous sur la photo.
Et toi? on dirait que tu habites dans l'île tout le temps, c'est chouette.

tweetey29 a dit…

They are beautiful. I love flowers everytime I comment on here. I just love the colors you have.

Kitem a dit…

Thank you so much Tweetey, you're very nice, i like pink and white colors in my garden and a bit of blue, but not that much yellow and red.
What about yours you have planted last month?

tweetey29 a dit…

They didnt come up. I am sad about it but I do like pinks, blues, purples, light purples not so much the dark ones. Its hard to grow much because we have three huge trees in our yard that keep us shaded. It sucks but its nice where we dont have to turn on the Air Conditioner yet. Its in the eigthties here today. Hot.