03 mai 2007

Cinq cents Meme

Comment ça, 500 grands mères, mais de quoi elle parle?
Bien sûr oui, je suis grand mère et fière de l'être.
Et c'est quoi ces 500?

Ah Ah c'est ça, oui, il faut lire en anglais, 500 me me c'est 500 mi mi 500 moi-moi.
D'accord, on parle de soi-même, une activité que les bloggeurs de tout poil aiment particulièrement.
Dommage pour moi, je parle de beaucoup de chose dans ce blog pour noyer le poisson, pour éviter justement de parler de moi-même, de mes idées très personnelles, je trouve qu'elles ne sont pas assez interressantes pour les partager.
Alors pour mes zéro lecteurs de langue française, du moins zéro commentaire, mes 500 moi-moi seront en anglais.

6 commentaires:

Hammer a dit…

The online translator makes this post sound hilarious.

I think something about Tall mothers, hairy bloggers, drowning fish and not putting personal information on your blog.

Did I get it right? :)

tweetey29 a dit…

Hammer where did you get the translator from?

I had told Helene I wish you could have put it in english too for this post but it would have taken too long. LOL.. Have a great day. I suppose day to me nighttime to you. Its only 10:47 am here in the US.

Kitem a dit…

Ah ah ah that's really hilarious: ok here it is: I was joking about the word "meme"
In French "meme" is a baby's name for grand mother, (grand-mère)
So I pretended not to understand and mixed this two meanings,
"me me" is "moi moi"
I said that in a me-me we have to talk about ourselves, it's something bloggers like to do . The expression "bloggers de tout poil" translated by hairy bloggers is the real translation, "poil" is hair, it means all kinds of bloggers, (people of different hair color)
"To Drown fish" is also a sentence with no meaning once translated, "noyer le poisson" is to play the fish. I wanted to say I play the fish in order to avoid talking about myself I talk about everything but not about me.
The online translator is very good, it's me that exceptionnally in this post used too many colloquial expressions.
Dear Hammer, thanks for taking the trouble of having a translation of my blog, it's very kind of you.

tweetey29 a dit…

Kitem I just posted an apology for my comment on Helenes blog. I felt I had to. I am sorry for not understanding you. I wish I could. I wish I could also speak your language. I dont want to insult you. You are a good blog friend. And I want to keep you that way. I dont want an enemy. Well anyway thought I would let you know.

Hammer a dit…

The translators I use come from babblefish.com

They have several to choose from but they don't do colloquialisms too well :)

La Cremiere a dit…

This is hillarious the post and the comments. You guys should do more of these!!!