19 mai 2007

Envieuse, mais pas jalouse, a bit envious

Elles étaient là, au même endroit, ce matin, quand je leur ai téléphoné, deux de celles qu'on peut compter sur les doigts d'une seule main, avec deux filles et trois garçons, toute la semaine au bord de la mer, rien qu'elles toutes seules avec eux, sans les maris, sans les papas, sans les mamans, jouer à la vraie grand mère.
Quelle chance elles ont.
Je les envie bien, et je suis contente qu'elles profitent de ces délicieux moments de bonheur pur avec leurs petits enfants.
Here are two of my best friends, they are so lucky to be on holiday, on that same spot, same beach on sunny Mediterranean coast, with their grand children, 2 grand daughters for Maryse, three little boys to Josy, all alone, with no husbands, and none of the children parents, enjoying every moments with them, playing grand mother, as this will never happen to me, I am happy for them.

4 commentaires:

tweetey29 a dit…

So cool. My parents dont get to see the girls often. They see the girls once maybe twice a year. They dont have a lot of money to travel and we usually dont have the time.

Kitem a dit…

I understand that very well, different country, different upbringing, different way of living, and on the top of that, for our family, different language. But here, in France, we use to let the children to our parents all the time, when you go to a friend's party, to another place for some reason, and always for a few weeks during holidays because we think that it is good for children to get some different thinking and upbringing from their own grand parents both sides. I actually am very sad that my own grand children will never experience that.

La Cremiere a dit…

I understand your current disappointment but never say never you still have Hope! Afterall, your daughter will be more than happy to put her bambinos on a plane to spend summer holidays with memie and pepie... hope is here somewhere in the not too near nor too distant future, just hang in there!!!

Kitem a dit…

La Crémière: ready, steady, GO
Je vais de ce pas attendre à l'aéroport.