04 mai 2007


From here and there I have been tagged.
I don't like to talk about myself and here is a great deal of oneself.
For my zero French speaking reader it won't be interesting, so I have decided to write this post in English.

1. What is the stupidest mistake you have ever made with money?
A beautiful big huge mistake with money, pretty long story though.
It was our first trip to India, the pre-visit before coming to settle with the family. India is a great beautiful country but for us Westerners, coming from a small town of France, with a nice and quiet family life, India was strange, and weird, and backward, and Luknow, even though the state capital was pretty remote.
Upon our arrival, this nice lady, Rolande, welcomed us, she show me around while husbands were off to work. She guided me in the big town, show me the big Imambara, beautiful old buildings, the people around.
We entered a big old shop, the handycraft there was great and beautiful, and there were so many things, paper mache, table cloth, silk, I wanted to buy everything, remember it was my FIRST day in India, I had no idea what was the value of the money called ruppiah.
Rolande had been living in Luknow for quite sometimes now, so I believed her when she told me the value of the ruppiah for the franc (euro now).
It was really cheap, so I bought a lot of things, and the people in the shop were very happy, they show me more and more beautiful thing;
I fell in love with a beautiful Pashmina shawl with silk hand embroideries all around.
You know, at that time nobody was talking about Pashmina shawl, now you can find them everywhere, but not a piece like this, broderies and real pashima goat from the hymalayan mountains.
As the price was ok for me, I bought it. I didn't understand why the shop attendants were so kind with me and why they gave me almost all the other objets I had chosen before.
Then (I cut short) the day after, my husband who knows how to count better than me, discovered to his disbelief that the rate Rolande had given me was wrong wrong wrong and I had paid my shawl a non-affordable price.
I remember I was working at that time, and the price was equivalent of one month salary....for a piece of material!!!
And we were not in the town anymore, we had moved the day after to the real very remote place where we were to stay for three years of our life, going back was impossible (we were to go back to New Delhi by another way), or very complicated.
So we decided to keep the shawl. I still have it, I still cherish it, I 'll post tomorrow a photo of my very expensive shawl.

To be continued,

5 commentaires:

Hammer a dit…

I hope it wasn't one month's french salary!

A similar thing happened to me in mexico with a crafts market. Tourist traps yuck.

Can't wait to see the picture :)

Jeannie a dit…

I'm sure it is a very beautiful shawl. Thank you for posting in English. My French is very poor and I am ashamed. Many words seem familiar but I did not study French very long and can't get the entire meaning. My loss.

Kitem a dit…

Hammer,yes it was one month french salary, my salary, not very high. At that time, there was no tourist in Lucknow or very little, nobody was visiting this part of India, it was the price for wealthy Indians.
Jeannie, thanks for your comment, don't worry about your french, english is an international language.

tweetey29 a dit…

Kitem thank you. I understand some people are quite conservative with writing about themselves. And I enjoy getting a light into your life here. I bet that shawl is very beautiful. I need to go and get a dummies for French book from the bookstore. That would help a lot.

La Cremiere a dit…

I love that shawl, it's still the warmest shawl to be wrapped into on a cold winter night and it is gorgeous and smells of India.