04 mai 2007

le meme de Hammer, à continuer

2. Do you think taxes are unfair or do you think it's your civic duty?
I just heard on TV that half of French household don't pay taxes because they are not rich enough, so I think that in our household we are lucky to pay taxes, it's fair.
3. Do you take risks and possibly turn your life upside down for new opportunity?
4. Are you the alpha in your household?
Absolutly not, Hubby is the one, the boss, the master of the house, I just follow, I do have my say sometimes but the reception is not always what I am expecting.
Here I have to add that when I read this question to him, his answer was yes, we share everything and we agree, it's what he thinks, and he's right, we agree together when I say yes.
5. Do you compromise with your significant other or does someone always get their way?
I always compromise, I'm such a nut, not being able to get my own way, the way I want, ok my other half makes effort sometime, but then his own point of view is the winner.
6. What curse word do you use most often?
Merde, nothing extraordinary here, it's the most used curse in France. Everybody say merde. If you want to be very polite you say "the five letter word".
7. Do you easily change your mind or are you dead set on most issues?
Yes, I change my mind with no problem to please everybody around, or if it is too far against my own ideas, I try to find the middle path or keep quiet.
Maybe I could be dead set on some issues, I don't have one in mind right now.
8. What famous person would you like to trade places with for one week?
I would have like to have one week in Coco Chanel life. Maybe during the sixties, not before or just after war as she hasn't been very nice during war.
To day I wouldn't mind being in her successor shoes, Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld, a life of creative business, fashion, beautiful people, photographies, litterature, mixing with fabulous interesting creative persons.
9. If you could go back in time and tell one person off, who would it be and what would you say?
Nobody to tell off.

4 commentaires:

tweetey29 a dit…

Great answers. Thank you again for translating them for me. I feel better today. I am doing laundry and spending time with the girls.Kora stayed home today with an ear ache so we are treating that the best we can. I am hoping I dont have to take her to the doctor. I dont need another bill right now. I just think its the pressure from winter into spring. I know I have a hard time with my hands if the pressure rises to quickly.

Kitem a dit…

Me too, my fingers are swelling when it's going to rain.
I hope Kora's ear is not too painful, and is going to heal fast.
Medical insurance is not compulsory in The States?

La Cremiere a dit…

Great answers Mama! I like the YES for taking opportunities, you sure did, no need to elaborate on the topic and it's too true about compromising - lol!!! I know too well what you mean.

tweetey29 a dit…

Insurance is outrageous here in the US. We dont have the girls insured right now. We keep meaning to but his deductable isnt worth it. So we are just paying cash when they have to go in.