05 mai 2007

Mon châle de Lucknow- The Pashima Shawl

Détail de la broderie en soie, à la main. Handsew silk embroidery.
La photo est prise de ma place dans le lit, le châle, qui n'est plus utilisé depuis longtemps est en décoration sur le petit canapé.
This photo has been taken this morning from my place in the bed, isn't it nice the view over the garden?
I don't want to use the shawl anymore, so it stays on the little sofa, as a decoration, the carpet also comes from Indian Cachemire region, the table is an antic piece from China.

There is more photos here merci Jeannie

6 commentaires:

tweetey29 a dit…

Beautiful. Just wow.

Jeannie a dit…

It is a very beautiful shawl and well worth treasuring. Your decor is very nice as well.

The link you may want - I found photos of your living room on Nov 12 - is

To get the link...go back to that post and click on the title of it. That will put the exact "spot" in the address bar at the top of the page. Highlight the address, copy and paste it in your post.

Jay a dit…

What a view! Such beauty- and I love the bilingual commentary.

Dany a dit…

This is a beautifull shawl....I love everything like silk or lace...it's delicate and feminine.
I understand you......on this sofa it's very nice.

Les voyages forment la jeunesse, mais parfois on se fait manipuler.....but.......when it's so beautifull.......it's not so sad, just " desapointant "

I love your garden.....
Sorry for my fault in english...I'm better in french

Kitem a dit…

Merci à tous, vos commentaires me font un grand plaisir, Dany, tu peux ecrire en francais! J'avais peur de ne plus te voir.
Thanks everyone for your comments I don't have that much when I write in French, I'm very happy about that.

Papilles et Pupilles a dit…

Que c'est joli. Cela respire la sérénité, c'est plein de charme, c'est bucolique !