19 avril 2008

Les temples de Hong Kong

J'aime ces spirales d'encens qui descendent du plafond du temple, il faut faire attention en passant dessous, les cendres vous tombent sur la tête, ce qui n'est pas commode pour se concentrer sur la prière.

These are encenses coils hanging from the ceiling are beautiful, I love to take photos of them.
You have to be careful when you are going to the altar as ashes fall onto your head.
La porte du temple, the temple main entrance door.

A mother and her son are going to pay their respect to Buddha.
Une mère et son fils viennet offrir leurs prières au Buddha et aux deités du temple.
And now Mr Garden is doing the same.

Pres du village Hakka dans les Nouveaux Territoires, un petit autel de rue.
A small street altar near the Hakka village in the New Territories.

9 commentaires:

Britt-Arnhild a dit…

Seems like you have experienced alot.

Are you back home in Provence now?

M.KATE a dit…

Hi Dany, hope you have settled well and am sure you are busy with your garden :) this is another beautiful post, you take very nice pictures everytime and i didnt know there's a huge hakka community in Hong Kong, all i knew there were many Cantonese there - also their official spoken language. with Airasia offering such good fares, i might just pop over there with my mom. she will love hong kong for sure! happy weeekend and will be back again, lots of love :)

clara a dit…

Hi Dany! I've just crossed over from M.Kate's and would like to say Hello! Thanks for taking us with you on your travel adventures! :-)

Tifenn a dit…

Très impressionnant toutes ces photos...je me demandais le pourquoi du chapeau à voilette? mais l'encens qui tombe sur la tête...!il faut l'avoir vécu pour le raconter!

La Cremiere a dit…

WOW maman, comme d'habitude tu prends des photos vraiment magnifique. Je me prepare a m'envoler a Reykjavik et j'espere t'egaler en qualite de photos et d'histoires. Enfin, ca donne envie tout ca. Bisous

Hammer a dit…

I bet that incense smells terrific.

I usually burn franknsense when I think to buy it.

Great pictures!

alicesg a dit…

Beautiful photos of the incense and temple.

Jeannie a dit…

I can't even imagine how thick the scent of incense must be with the size of those coils! I will have to widen my scope of things to see before I die.

Oswegan a dit…

These are some amazing places you have experienced. The images are very nice.