09 avril 2008

I'm going there

I'm going there, and will be busy not blogging.
Do you know where it is and from where the photo has been taken?
Je pars là bas, savez vous où se trouvent ces hauts buildings? et d'où la photo a été prise?

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Anonyme a dit…
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tweetey30 a dit…

Absolutely no idea but it looks beautiful. It looks like New York City. Wow. I am impressed. We will hear about it all when you can blog again. Have fun.

Anonyme a dit…

Hong Kong. I lived there for 3 years and it is fabulous, have fun ! do you want some address and place where to go ? Flamingo

Anonyme a dit…

Oh forg the photo has been taken from the Peak. Flamingo

Anonyme a dit…

The top building is the Bank of China. when I lived there you can take the elevetor and on one of the top floor you can go to see the view. Go to the night market it is so much fun and great bargain. Flamingo

Mélanie a dit…

Je pense qu'il s'agit d'Hong Kong , mais sans certitude ...alors j'attends la suite

alicesg a dit…

Oh yes, it looked like Hong Kong. I think it was taken from Victoria Peak. Wow, you sure gonna love Hong Kong.

Anonyme a dit…

Hong Kong.
Have fun! The airport there is really big and beautiful. I would recommend Victoria Peak for photography (If the skies are clear).

Have great fun! :)

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by Danie a dit…

Sky very cloudy
Still Victoria Peak great.
Shopping great.
Food excellent.
Happy to see you back Flamingo, we're staying with Hongkongites friends, enjoying ourselves tremenduously.
Taking thousands of photos.
Tweetey, New York, next on the list (with Tampa of course).

Anonyme a dit…

Tout le monde l'a dit Hong Kong ! j'ai perdue !!!!
Je te souhaite un beau séjour c'est un endroit fabuleux parait-il régale toi bien et profite de la bonne cuisine.
Gros bisouss. Mimie