21 avril 2008


And it has been a long way.
We first start with one hour drive to KLIA, Kuala Lumpur International Airport,
Wait there for about 2 hours.
Seven hours flight from KL to Dubai, I took a sleeping pill, something I never have, and felt asleep straight away, I even didn't finish my dinner.
We reach Dubai in the middle of the night, we have to stay there for 4 hours at the transit airport, last trip we discovered a nice quiet restaurant, far from the hustle bustle of the airport, when we arrive, the place is almost empty, we have deep confortable armchairs for ourselves, the waiter is nice and helpful, Malaysian time is 7 am, we order a big breakfast but it is still early morning in Dubai, so we have a coffee waiting for breakfast time. Meanwhile people arrive at the restaurant they are eyeing our place, they want us to leave to take our cosy chairs, but we don't move a bit, and we're the first customers to get their breakfast.
Back in the plane, it is another 7 hours flight to Paris, I am not tired, and watch 2 movies, The Jane Austin book club as I have discoverd Jane Austin a few monthes ago only, and I loved the movie, then I choose a classic one, Chicago, played by Rene Zewelger, Katherine Zeta Jones, the
delicious Queen Latifa and the handsome Richard Gere, I spend a marvellous time with them all.
Once in Paris, we walk to the TGV station, and wait again for 3 hours, the cafe is not so nice as in Dubai, tiredness is starting to show, I've got to pay to pee, I scold the poor Morrocan guy in charge, it's fun to understand all the conversation around, even when I don't listen, everybody speak French in this country.
And now it is 3 more hours in the train, first class is better, we sleep a little.
My mum is waiting for us at Angoulême station, and again one more hour drive to our small town.
At home Mr Garden switch the central heater on, it's cold, we're tired, mum has prepared a nice dinner for us, when we go to bed it is 4am in Kuala Lumpur, we have been on the move all the time, in France it is 10pm.

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tweetey30 a dit…

Glad to hear your home safe and get some more rest before posting. I have never been on the move like that but glad to hear that you are home safely. Take care and hugs.

none a dit…

What a trip! There is nothing like the feeling of coming home.

I've never had to pay to pee, I would suspect having correct change is important :)

Jeannie a dit…

I don't think I would like to travel so long. Although it will take even longer if we ever get to that part of the world. Layovers are never much fun.

alicesg a dit…

Wow you are back home. Home Sweet Home. You have a good rest and thanks for sharing all the good photos during your long trip aboard. :)

The Zombieslayer a dit…

I heard a lot of nice stuff about Dubai, but just don't have any desire to go there. The people I heard the nice stuff from are boring people who just like to shop and hate the outdoors, so that's why I'm in no hurry to visit.

It's too hot and materialistic to me. I'd rather go to a place that either has:
1) a gorgeous outdoors,
2) beautiful architecture,
3) nice beaches or,
4) people that are cool to hang out with

I enjoyed your pictures of Hong Kong and Malaysia, two places I'd like to visit. My brother has been to both and enjoyed both immensely, but said Hong Kong has horrible drivers.

I haven't seen Chicago yet. I think Queen Latifa is gorgeous.

Unknown a dit…

Hi Dany, glad to know you're back safely and sounds like a tiring journey. I've got 2 awards for my best blogger pal, sorry i cd not link in my blog...so many to link and i am short of time. me 'balik kampung' going hometown to Besut, urgent matters wt MIL (and the best in the world), so i am sobbing because i am 45 minutes speedboat away from the jetty and i cant go to perhentian, the trip is too short. so i will be interenet-less for a few days but will catch up with you when i am back next week. be sure you load those awards in yr site, the first one E is for your excellent blog, and the second is a happy bear, reminds me of our time together, so here's a virtual bear hug to you :)

Anonyme a dit…

Bonjour, Kitem !
Bienvenue chez toi, malgré les caprices mobiliers et jardiniers!
Tu nous as fait faire un magnifique voyage, pas fatigant du tout, haut en couleurs, parfums,touchers...
Ton oeil bien ouvert va sûrement continuer à nous faire découvrir des choses nouvelles sous le "déjà vu", car tout dépend du regard que l'on porte sur les choses et les gens !
En tous cas, ta famille et tes amis d'ici doivent être bienheureux de vous revoir, M. Garden et toi!