15 avril 2008

I love Hong Kong

On Hong Kong Island, two silver buildings hide a gold one, all is about money money. This is the Hong Kong I saw, cloudy and grey, not at all the one from the photo above with clear skies.

Even the rich people who paid for an expensive cruise had the same grey sky, a nice weather is not included in the package.

From the Star ferry across the bay, from Kowloon to HK Island.

And here the view from Victoria Peak, the famous view everybody knows, a bit hidden in the clouds. Here are not only office buildings, but also pricate appartment, one can say that Hongkongites are stratas living, ones above the others, all over the Island, in the new territories, south North, at the seaside, in the mainland, everywhere, you can see thousands of buildings with people living on the top of each other.
Nooo, it's not another 9/11, just a cloud skyscapping the sky scrapper.

In the South, at the seaside, where Jean-Christophe's catamaran is anchored, all the week end he has done regatta around some lovely island- lovely, I can only guess because we went to join him for dinner on saturday night and we couldn't see much from the ferry to Cheung Chau.
Himself could see nothing from here to the regatta spot.

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Unknown a dit…

beautiful shots, is it cold? and yes, Hong Kong is all about the MONEY...lovely post

Mélanie a dit…

money ! but grey sky

tweetey30 a dit…

The grey makes it look more natural I think but a beautiful day for yourself would have been very nice though. Thank you for sharing. I see this as I place to dream and want to go visit some day through you like Helene.. I love reading her trips too. It gives a person like me an incentive to get our pass ports some day to go traveling.

alicesg a dit…

Oh great, you are in Hong Kong. Yes, the buildings are built according to feng shui. Nice well taken photos of the buildings. Hongkong is very polluted now and the streets more crowded. Hope you have an enjoyable time shopping and eating. :) Do try to visit the wishing tree before it collapsed. :)http://alicetravelogue.blogspot.com/2007/11/wishing-tree-hongkong.html
(My photo of the wishing tree was taken before one the branches broke due to the heavy use by worshippers)

by Danie a dit…

Oh, Alice, I am going to your link, I did see the wishing tree, we had lunch there, and they have now planted a new small wishing tree, people are upset about the new wishing tree, they can't send their woes anymore onto the branches.

Jeannie a dit…